Pharmacy Support


AHS provides a comprehensive support in all areas of pharmacy administration. We have on our staff a retired Director of Pharmacy with over 30 years of intensive and practical experience. His experience spans across the range of clinical, IV Admixture, Inpatient and Outpatient pharmacies. The areas highlighted in this support are as follows:


  • Development of new pharmacy programs from the ground up and expansion of existing programs to meet any growth by an institutional pharmacy.


  • Cost-savings and cost-management efforts to improve pharmacy revenue collection and establish a highly efficient and functioning pharmacy operation, including cost-benefit analysis of proposed programs.


  • Preparation and orientation to the use of several formats in presentation to hospital administration on the proposed need for expansion of services and documentation for needed staff.


  • Development and presentation of corrective actions mandated by official surveys by accreditation institutions like Joint Commission.


  • In-services, trainings and education for pharmacy, medical and nursing staffs for the promotion of pharmacy services and clinical interventions.


  • Assistance with monitoring parameters and formats for the development and maintenance of quality improvement measures for pharmacy services.


  • Development and writing of Policies and Procedures in all aspects of practice in pharmacy, medical and nursing services.


  • General assistance of Pharmacy Managers with any innovative support for pharmacy administration operations.