Our main focus here at Access Healthcare Staffing & Recruitment is to provide healthcare facilities with the ideal personnel, making us the leader in healthcare staffing in Las Vegas. We accommodate nurses (LPN, CNA and RN), pharmacists and pharmacy technicians so that we can help find the right company for them. With our services, you can eliminate many hidden payroll expenses and costs. We have a proven track record, servicing some of the nation’s top retail chains and hospitals.

As the best healthcare staffing agency in Las Vegas, our professional pharmacy employees and nurses team up with your current staff to maintain a productive workflow. Each and every pharmacy and nurses professional is matched to fit your hospital or retail pharmacy jobs specific requirements.Access Healthcare Staffing & Recruitment (AHS) provides your hospital facility with remote order processing/Telepharmacy . AHS provides the most explicit nationwide service in the industry for remote order entry. AHS is strategically positioned to accommodate your large hospitals and smaller critical access hospitals/clinics. Telepharmacy/Remote order entry creates an extension of your hospital pharmacy from a pharmacy state board approved remote location.

This extended pharmacy coverage is possible through technology that allows a pharmacist to link to the hospital through a telecommunications system. AHS specializes in this innovative extension of hospital pharmacies to increase productivity, to improve the quality of patient care and to provide a financially attractive option for the facility.
You and your facility may be familiar with such terms as Telepharmacy, remote order entry, central order processing or after-hours pharmacy. Being the top Las Vegas healthcare staffing and recruitment agency, AHS specializes in Telepharmacy and is pleased to be able to offer our commitment in making this a fully customizable solution to your pharmacy’s needs.

This website is for your hospital pharmacy facility to envision not only what this particular service can provide, but also the precise accommodations AHS and its highly trained staff will make to ensure a productive environment with the improvement of patient care and the economical stability that our clients need which makes us the leading Las Vegas healthcare staffing and recruitment agency.