Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

Earn up to $400 when you refer a Nurse
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The Access Healthcare Staffing Referral Bonus Program pays you to help us build our team of healthcare professionals! Do you know someone looking for job? Refer them to your Access recruiter and get paid when they complete their first assignment!

For each RN, you will receive a $400 bonus after they fully complete their initial contract.*

For each LPN, you will receive a $250 bonus after they fully complete their initial contract.*

For each CNA, you will receive a $150 bonus after they fully complete their initial contract. *

We offer a bonus for other healthcare professional referrals as well. Ask us for details.

* Failure to complete a qualifying contract as written will not receive a bonus.

Terms and Conditions
• Referral fees are based on the position the referee was placed in, not based on licensure.
• Access Healthcare Staffing office staff and family members of Access Healthcare Staffing office staff are not eligible for referral bonuses or payments.
• Qualifying contracts must be a minimum of 8 weeks with a minimum of 36 hours/week worked.
• Individuals employed at Access’s partner facilities, who are directly involved in hiring Access contract employees, do not qualify for referral bonuses for placements at their facility, as this may be deemed a conflict of interest and/or be prohibited by their organization’s monetary gift policies.
• A referral is not complete until Access documents the name and contact information for both the referred candidate and the referrer. This information must be documented within 72 hours of the referral initiation to qualify for the bonus program.
• Referral payments will only be offered for referrals of individuals who have never worked for Access Healthcare Staffing.
• If an individual is referred to Access Healthcare Staffing, that person cannot be referred again for a period of 12 months.
• There is no limit on the number of people you can refer.
• You can refer individuals of any specialty to Access Healthcare Staffing with the exception of Independent Contractors.
• There is no guarantee that the people you refer will be employed by us, as all hiring and placement decisions are at the sole discretion of Access Healthcare Staffing.
• Federal, state, and local taxes (as applicable) will be deducted from the referral bonus payment if you’re an employee.