About Us

Access Healthcare Staffing & Recruitment


At Access Healthcare Staffing and Recruitment, we have been providing comprehensive staffing services from the heart of Las Vegas for almost two decades. Our legacy and longevity stand as a testament to our commitment to our core values – providing exceptional staffing and recruitment services and dedicating ourselves to client satisfaction.

As a clinician-owned staffing agency, we understand the needs of both healthcare professionals and healthcare providers more than most. That means we respect the dedication and passion that is needed to work in this sector, and we strive to provide that same level of focus in our professional work.

Our Mission

Our corporate mission is simple. We aim to bridge the gap between healthcare facilities and talented healthcare professionals. We cater to a wide range of roles in the healthcare field, from nurse recruiting to the placement of pharmacy technicians.

Our Strengths

Cross-Sector Expertise

Whether you are a facility seeking a Pharmacist, RN, or a CNA for hire, or a professional looking for a reliable and experienced RN or CNA job agency, we can deliver. We also extend our services to LPN and pharmacy technician jobs – if you operate in the medical sector anywhere in the US, we can help you.

Home Nursing Services

Inviting someone into your home can be an unfamiliar experience, especially when it comes to healthcare staff. That’s why we have dedicated recruiters who will find the best personnel for you. As a leading nationwide nursing job agency, we can provide home nursing services for patients who need care in the comfort of their homes.

Pharmacy Staffing Services ( PharmD & Pharmacy Technician)

Our temporary staffing and temp staffing services are fully customizable, with the ability to align perfectly with facility needs on an individual basis – whether you have pharmacists’ jobs or pharmacy technicians’ jobs that need to be filled.

Nursing Staffing Recruitment (RN, LPN, CNA)

Our experience and expertise as a healthcare staffing agency are second to none with nurse jobs across the country. Our nursing job agency includes coverage for CNA staffing and nurse staffing solutions – we can provide RN jobs, LPN jobs, and CNA jobs.

Travel Nurse

For the more nomadic professionals among us, we are able to present opportunities in the form of travel nurse jobs and travel CNA jobs, among others – helping you find the next adventure (and the next).

What Next?

As we look to the next decades, we aim to continue our work, partnering with facilities across the United States and ensuring that they have access to qualified, dedicated staff wherever and whenever they are needed.

If you are a medical employee or a healthcare facility, then connect with us today to find out how we can help you fulfill your needs.